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Design Planning
Solutions Integration

Design planning tailored to the characteristics of your home, your energy efficiency, comfort, and safety needs. 



Integration for remote control from your smartphones and tablets* of components such as: 

- Heating

- Air Conditioning

- Surveillance cameras 

- Door locks 

- Garage doors 

- Customized lighting 

- Sounds/Voice Activation Features

- Alarms 



- "Smart" Thermostats 

- Advanced audio systems 

- Switches 

- Electrical Sockets 

- Motion/presence sensors 

- Contact Sensors on doors/windows

- Moisture sensors 

- Smoke/CO2 detectors.


Based on your customized system, notifications and alerts are sent to your smart phones and tablets.


Notification examples: the arrival of your kids at home; motion detection at the front door.


(*) Internet access required and not included. Solution providers might also apply additional monthly fees in the future.

Development/configuration of customized rules such as:

- your schedule ;

- the time of day (day, night) ;

- presence/absence of a person or a pet;

- motion detection in your home or outside ;

- the weather: indoor/outdoor temperature & humidity, UV index;

- opening and/or closing a door or window;

- and much more ...


Customized Rule examples : turn off the lights, arm the alarm system and lower air conditioning / heating when nobody is home; resume the air conditioning or heating program when one of your family members is back.


Maintenance and technical support services available.


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